It should also be noted that as with all VC errors in the N

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It should also be noted that as with all VC errors in the N

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It should also be noted that, as with all VC errors NBA 2K22 MT in the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these techniques in an obvious way could end up getting your account removed. While 2K's approach has been less harsh in handing out these types of penalties lately, remember that you're making a mistake by using any unsanctioned pathway to getting VC.

So, we're not responsible for disciplinary action that result from these flaws. We have all the bases set, let's go to the best part. Following the release of NBA 2K22 players were able to be granted easy VC by quitting out of the newer Version of the game right because their first time playing at Brickley's Gym was about to close.

It's technically still possible to do so in the most recent update to 2K22 however there's an additional twist to the procedure. To earn your VC and badge progress from the game, you have to win the game every time.

Open up Your MyCareer, especially on a new profile that's been through Cheap MT 2K22 all the basic instructions, and then head to Brickley's Gym it's located on the City map. In the building, play your first match by talking to the NPC inside. Right after your badge progress is completed at the end of the game, you must quit of the game.
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