Tinder brings back interactive event Swipe Night

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Tinder brings back interactive event Swipe Night

Сообщение rodeoneerer » 17 янв 2022, 11:11

When Tinder debuted its interactive dating experience Swipe Night in 2019, Kyle Miller, the company’s VP of product, core experience, recognized the risk of wrapping Tinder’s primary function—creating matches among its millions of users, 10.4 million of which are paying customers as of parent company Match Group’s third-quarter earnings—in what could’ve been seen as a trendy gimmick under the discerning gaze of the platform’s core demo of Gen Z.

The company believes this type of low-pressure chat will make it easier for users to test out their compatibility before matching and provides a better overall experience than sending a message to someone in the app, which they might not see until the next day. And by playing a game together, users may be able to be more authentic as they describe their thoughts and choices. This, Tinder argues, is a better way to get to know someone than making a snap decision over a user’s profile.

“Swipe Night was our first big experiment to see if members wanted to do something more than Swipe, and the answer was resounding ‘yes,” said Kyle Miller VP, of Product. “The evolution of Swipe Night, and experiences more broadly on Tinder, allow members to have a fun, low-pressure way to break the ice. We decided on the mystery genre because it’s a conversation catalyst and a unique opportunity for members to get to know their match by working together to solve the crime.”

In Swipe Night: Killer Weekend, you’re invited to a birthday party where the man of honor is murdered. Any one of the six guests is a suspect, and it’s up to you to figure out who did it.

The decision to make a murder mystery was in direct response to a 20% uptick in Tinder users mentioning an interest in true crime in their bios.

These types of experiences, as they launch, could help Tinder increase user engagement over time, as well as provide better results for members. The first “Swipe Night’s” 20 million users saw a 26% increase in matches, noted Tinder. And now, interest in the “true crime” genre is at an all-time high, with bios mentioning it having increased by 20% since the year’s start. Over 30,000 Tinder bios say they’re looking for their “partner in crime,” as well.

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