How to manage a crisis asia email list on social networks? T

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How to manage a crisis asia email list on social networks? T

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With the emergence of social networks, information circulates more and more quickly. In the case of a crisis situation at a brand, these social networks will thus represent a virulent enemy but also an essential ally. How to best use them? Social networks as responsible for crisis situations and their propagation social networks are increasingly asia email list for crisis situations. A comment, a tweet, a rumour, information circulates at a speed that traditional media cannot match (even radio, considered the most reactive medium). Thus, an angry consumer, or even an error on the part of a brand can very quickly create a "Bad buzz" on the internet. We can take here the example of 3suisses: a promo code allowing you to obtain any article on the site at -50% circulated overnight on social networks. Many orders have thus been placed causing stock shortages.

Subsequently, the brand announced that the orders would not be honored, the code being an error. Web marketing training social networks as regulators of crisis situations however, social networks remain essential allies for effective and successful crisis management . In normal times, a company must have a crisis cell: a group of people asia email list beforehand to meet and respond in the event of a crisis. Then, the company establishes the communication channels, the target, the order of the messages and the spokesperson. It then discloses the messages in a timely manner while remaining transparent. The crisis management process on social networks is essentially the same, with new rules, namely: carry out a permanent watch. In order not to miss any information that could create a bad buzz, companies must remain vigilant on all social networks.

To be reactive. Faced with the speed of information circulation, brands must be reactive in order to prevent information, errors, rumours, etc. Spread. Verify information before it is released. It is certainly necessary to be reactive, however, each information must be checked beforehand in order to avoid increasing the effect of the "Bad buzz". Thus, it is asia email list to prefer a message of the type "We have received your message, we are inquiring in order to provide you with an appropriate response" to the absence of a message or to a response which will be modified later. Do not delete negative comments. On the contrary, it can make the situation worse and the company will be blamed for trying to cover up the matter. Define the target. It is important for brands to properly analyze the target in order to use the right communication channels to respond to them.

Thus, if the crisis is concentrated on one social network, it is useless to allude to another. Two examples of crisis management on social networks a failure: the case of is an online flower delivery site. Last august, a woman ordered and paid for a bouquet that she never received. She then asks the brand, via their asia email list page, for a refund. First error of the company which answers “you will not be refunded, your file is blocked because you put messages on facebook”. Faced with this response, the client posted a message on her facebook account calling on journalists or bloggers to write about her problem. Following this, the brand decided to delete the comments left by this client on the facebook page, as well as the comments of other internet users on the same subject. Second error since instead of calming the affair, the bad buzz has naturally increased.

The brand then decides to inform customers... And makes its third and fourth mistake by reminding them that "Facebook is not a stress reliever" and specifying that "The situation is resolved" when it was not yet. . Fifth error: the brand blocks asia email list customer concerned from her facebook page so that she cannot respond. Except that the latter was in contact, thanks to twitter, with other fans of the aquarelle page, who hastened to post the response of the person concerned on the wall of the brand: it was then that the brand decided to change strategy: it specified that the customer was going to be reimbursed and unblocked her from the facebook page. A success story: the case of bouygues telecom you obviously all remember the arrival of free mobile on the telephony market, provoking the anger on the social networks of customers of orange, sfr and bouygues telecom, feeling betrayed for having paid such expensive packages for so long time.
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